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Color Brochures

Glossy Color: More affordable and faster than ever
You need your message lit up with fireworks – not the same boring presentation. Color captures interest and glossy color is the most vivid, riveting way to grab your audience’s attention! Once expensive and time consuming, glossy color brochures are both less expensive in quantity and are higher quality than brochures produced in desktop printers.

Nothing improves your message better than glossy color!
Yesterday, this type of printing was expensive and slow with large minimum quantities. Today, things have changed. With computerization and efficient high density digital presses your message can be sporting a new glossy attraction at less cost than desktop ink jet printing.

We Can Print From Your Computer Files
If you have already designed your message, we can often print it directly from your computer files. The Talley Press directly supports MS Publisher, MS Word, Adobe PageMaker and Adobe Acrobat. Usually other software packages will export to a format (pdf, jpeg or tiff) we can use. Design your job with a white border around the image (no bleeds) like this brochure for best savings. Check out our file ready prices below! Use the menu above to send us up to a 75 Mb file for a free evaluation.

Don’t Have A File Or Design?
Even if you don’t have a ready design – we can provide one. Send us your text, photos and ideas and we can quickly provide an image you’ll like. Typesetting, scanning and image preparation are not included in the prices in the next column but are often less than $100.00 additional. We always provide guaranteed prices before any of your work is begun.

Prices assume usable computer files furnished by customer. Typesetting, shipping and design services, if required, are additional. Color printing on 2 sides, 80 lb white gloss paper stock and 2 or 3 panel folding for one design included. Add 20% upcharge for bleeds (ink color touching the edges of the brochure) if bleeds are used. Shipping and sales tax not included. Prices subject to change without notice.

Quantity Cost Each
100 $94.00 $0.94
250 $210.00 $0.84
500 $375.00 $0.75
750 $465.00 $0.62
1000 $500.00 $0.50