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Knights of Columbus Men's Name Badges

Our KC Men's name badge is thick plastic permanently imprinted by the vibrant dye sublimation process. The badges are ready for rough and tumble use and are impervious to water, alcohol and oil and can be wiped clean with just a damp cloth. NOTE: degree emblems are FLAT PRINTED onto the badge, there are no metal pins or jewels to catch on clothing or fall off. Our badge comes equipped with rounded corners, a pocket clip for use with suit pockets and also dual post pins for pinning the badge to vests, etc. Our standard badge is shown below and costs just $12.00 including shipping and applicable taxes. Note, if "0" entered in 4th degree assembly box below, the 4th degree emblem and assembly number are omitted from the badge. Custom formats are available. (Please list your custom requests in the Special Comments box below.)

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